Public Affairs & Campaign Manager

Will Napper Jr.

Will Napper has had quite the career in public relations. He served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years. During that time he coordinated airshows at MCAS Miramar, was published multiple times in Leatherneck Magazine and was Journalist of the Year in 2002.

He has since retired and stays home with his three daughters, and a wife who likes to try new things. He may or may not have been volunTOLD for this position


Finance Manager

Christina French, RN

Christina is a Registered Nurse specializing in Adult Emergency Medicine. She precepted Deborah as they worked together for several years. Her attention to detail and money management skills made her an obvious choice for this position.

Christina has two children of her own, and has every motivation to see the best respresentatives on the Board of Education.



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