A Mother First

The first question Deborah is usually asked is "Why do you want to run for Board of Education?"

The answer is very simple: My children will be in Guilford County Schools for years to come, and I want to continue to assist the school system in any way I can. 

For several years I have volunteered and worked at Claxton Elementary, Summerfield Elementary, Northern Guilford Middle School and Northern Guilford High School. I have served as everything from cafeteria monitor and room mom, up to multicultural event coordinator and exchange student host. I plan to use this opportunity to expand on the needs I have seen, starting with the classroom and working my way up.

I plan to use my teaching experience with teen and adult learners along the way. I am currently a licensed instructor for Basic Life Support/CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support/ACLS. I currently remain active with Wake Forest Baptist Hospital as my main training center. This experience has been invaluable. I have taught many ages and learning levels, from high school students to seasoned medical personnel. 

I believe that my experience as a Registered Nurse will be fundamental in the role as an advocate for students, parents and teachers. One of the primary roles of a nurse is making communication as easy and understandable as possible. I will work to make communication between the Board, Superintendent, parents and students as easy as possible so that everyone feels understood and respected, and the best decision can be made for our school system.